E-commerce trends 2023

February 14, 2023

What are the e-commerce trends of the coming year? As an entrepreneur, respond smartly to this. You cannot determine everything, but take these factors into account. This way you respond to the needs of your customers.

Ongoing recession

Due to political unrest, consumers are spending less. This will continue for a while. It is therefore more difficult for entrepreneurs to attract customers, convince them to buy something and ensure that they do not return it. It is difficult to say exactly how much the economy will shrink. Since the corona crisis, e-commerce stores

Conversion tools

Make sure your tools are optimal. In addition to Google Analytics, heat maps, user testing and A/B testing, you must be critical about which tool you are going to use. Keep an extra close eye on your customers in times of crisis. You have to do even better to distinguish yourself and attract customers.

Retain customers

Focus on retaining existing customers, you often take them for granted. Customer loyalty is a necessary condition for the long term. During this time you can focus even better on your support and retain your existing customers. Customers are increasingly looking for 'the cheapest offer'. If you are loyal to your customer, they will also be the other way around.

- Post reviews on your website

- Offer suitable payment method for your customers

- Give loyal customers a discount or reward them in some other way

Second hand stuff

This has of course been going on for some time, but it will increase in the coming year. A frequently used term for this is 'recommerce'. Selling, reusing, recycling or reselling items. This is not only due to the crisis but also due to sustainability. Mainly young consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable products.

In addition, recommerce is an opportunity to generate additional income. You can take the resale of items into your own hands. As a result, you increase customer confidence, you bind them and your inventory is more effective.


The definition of omnichannel is that the consumer no longer experiences channels, but one company. There is one uniform experience, one price, one delivery time, etc. The combinations between channels are actively encouraged.

Omnichannels are important to achieve greater reach, satisfied customers, more turnover and better availability. Treat your customers as if they were friends and family.


The applications are more important than ever. Always try to be in contact with your customer. More and more apps are being added, but consumers need an 'all-in-one' app. Where they can get one-on-one support, shop, manage payments, view shipments. Actually where all contact points come together.

These are the most important e-commerce trends for 2023 according to Sellevate .

Source: retail trends

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