Frequently Asked Questions



How does Sellevate work?
Sellevate retrieves useful information from online sales platforms. We show this data clearly and in a smart context to our customers. With Sellevate you can search for interesting products, track them and calculate which price and stock yield the best conditions.
Am I committed to a subscription for a long time?
No, subscriptions can be canceled monthly. You also get the first installment free for 14 days. And you can switch to a more complete or cheaper subscription every month.
Why is Sellevate a Chrome extension?
We want the data to be accessible to as many users as possible. Chrome provides a broad base.
How can I be sure that the data is correct?
The data that Sellevate works with is freely available from the online sales platforms. Sellevate collects the data and displays it in a handy and clear dashboard. We do not change the data itself, it is 100% transparent.

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