Phygital: online and offline

November 21, 2023
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“Physical + digital = Phygital a process that integrates the two to craft ease, convenience, and autonomy in the consumers journeys, creating a hybrid buying experience.” Mix the online and offline world.

Source: mjvinnovation

In this blog we tell you everything about phygital, the combination of the physical and online world and how you can make them reinforce each other. Ensure a seamless transition to win more customers.

Phygital refers to the combination of offline and online communication, a contraction of physical and digital. Consider, for example, the product information that people search for on their smartphones when they are physically shopping. Research shows that as many as 50% of consumers use online sources while shopping.

Source: management site

Today, psychology plays an important role in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. The integration of various channels must be seamless. The customer journey must respond well to the customer's needs. This way you get more involvement, more loyalty and therefore more turnover.

As mentioned earlier, 50% of consumers use online sources while shopping. Consider, for example, price comparisons, other models, other color options or specifications that are shown more clearly. Conversely, store visitors are asked to submit some information in exchange for a reward in the email. Physical stores generally provide a better experience than online web shops. To make your entire brand as strong as possible, it is important to contract it as much as possible.

Since Covid-19, we have seen the change on terraces where you scan a QR code to order your drinks and/or food. These are then physically brought to the correct table. In addition, there are now apps from clothing stores that have a virtual full-length mirror. This is where the online and offline world come together nicely. It seems like you are in a physical store and trying on, while that happens online. There are also furniture stores that allow you to display 3D products in the app using holograms to see how they would fit in your home. Physical stores are also increasingly using online tools to strengthen the combination. For example, consider tablets that display the exact stock. They make no distinction between whether they are available online or offline.

What do you need to take into account to apply psychology in your company?

  • Easy/effective: make it as easy and comfortable as possible for a customer to make a purchase. Combining online and offline reduces the distance between 'window shopping' and the moment of purchase.
  • Independent/independent: offer your product/service through multiple channels. This gives your potential customers the opportunity to decide for themselves which channel they will use to make a purchase. This entails a larger target group but also multiple interactions with multiple points of sale. It is important for the customer to decide for themselves HOW they will make a purchase.
  • Immersive: Customers choose which part of the experience (customer journey) they are part of. They choose online, offline or a combination of both. Within each component are entertainment elements within the buyer's journey.

How can you ensure that your psychology works as well as possible in your company?

  1. Make sure you pay extra attention to a strategy that is used across multiple channels. Thanks to this tactic, you integrate the various channels. Set one central goal: involve your audience. So put the customer at the center of strategy processing.
  2. Use actions for such as online and offline. Even though they are 2 different platforms, there are plenty of ways to bring them together. Make sure the campaign drives sales, expands customer relationships and demonstrates the need to use both channels. The customer is therefore forced to get to know/use the different channels.
  3. Technology is your best friend. Devices and technology is a connection between the physical and digital worlds. This does not have to cost a lot by developing special apps, but a small adjustment can add a lot of value. Such as a website that is also suitable for opening on mobile phones.
  4. Provide an unforgettable experience. Experience marketing is becoming bigger and more important, surprise your customers in a unique way. Nowadays people are more looking for sensation and experience, so incorporate this into your campaign.


Ensure that phygital seamlessly overlaps online and offline between different channels to offer your customers a consistent shopping experience. The threshold between offline and online must be as low as possible and vice versa. Customers have more control than ever, they decide when, where and how they go shopping. To meet this wish, you must use various channels in a creative way.

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